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Friday, September 21, 2007

British prof wants to be "nice" to Darwin doubters

British philosopher Mary Midgley argues that the opponents of intelligent design drive people to accept it:
Belief does not compete with science; it means different things. Dawkins is very angry with anyone who says there are mysteries, but science cannot answer some questions. We raise all sorts of questions beyond the material world. Then it's understanding we're after rather than information. These are not questions like "is there a box on the table?" but questions of inner life, that can't be settled in the lab.

I'm sorry, Dr. Midgeley, but that sort of thing will not wash any more. Many of us doubt Dawkins's view because we think it is NOT factually correct.

There IS a box on the table and Dawkins's view does not account for its contents.

It's not a question of mystery. There are certainly mysteries in the world, but the falsity of Dawkins's view is not one of them. It is available to anyone who reads Edge of Evolution or The Spiritual Brain, or any similar work, with an open mind.

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