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Friday, September 21, 2007

Baylor evo info lab shutdown: New Lilley correspondence publicized, plus film crew on scene

From Uncommon Descent
Peter Irons, it appears, has been corresponding about me with President Lilley of Baylor. In the last month Irons has forwarded to me a dozen or so emails in which he lays out for someone just what an execrable character I am; and then, usually without the other party’s knowledge or permission (at least from what I can tell), he forwards to me their response confirming that I am indeed an execrable character. I suppose if I were built differently I would be stung by these emails, but my usual reaction is amusement.

Having read some of the correspondence, I was amused too. How long do these people think they can keep the public from finding out that Darwinism is a bankrupt ideology? The one thing the Darwinists can do, in revenge, is keep an institution like Baylor from the honor and satisfaction of actually sinking it.

Read Lilley's reply to Irons here. Irons, apparently, has a long history as an activist.

However, Ben Stein's film crew, for the Expelled movie, headed by Mark Mathis, was on scene at Baylor, listening to bafflegab from educrats:
"With both of them it was really limited because they have a certain line they are holding, which the issues are all about procedures and not about the content," Mathis said, "and all the information we have seen says that that's not true."

Put it this way, Mark: It's the same old "overwhelming evidence" as supports the Darwinism, rammed down students' throats.

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