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Monday, August 20, 2007

Playing the anti-science card ...

It seems everyone is playing the anti-science card these days. That is so uncool, because I was hoping to make a name for myself as "anti-science" and, with the proceeds, buy a flock of those cute little Smart Cars so that my whole gang of outrageous hacks could annoy traffic up and down the neighbourhood forever ... because our cars will run on cat farts alone, so they will, like, run forever, for all practical purposes and cost nothing to operate for all eternity.

Well, it didn't happen, and here's why: Everybody is anti-science now. Whereas American liberals coined the term to bash American conservatives, Rod Deher notes that the liberals themselves got into the act:
Liberals themselves have resisted scientific research that doesn't suit their own beliefs. Bjorn Lomberg, the Swedish scientist and renowned global warming skeptic, is treated slightly better than a heretic in Calvin's Geneva. The European left rejects scientific advice on genetically modified crops, demonizing them as "Frankenfoods." Before bringing up genetic or social science research that reflects negatively on the capabilities or performance of racial minorities, women or other human groupings favored by the left, you would do well to remember "The Bell Curve." And for decades, an avalanche of data detailing the failures of "scientific" socialism did little to shake the true believers in its superiority as an economic system.

It turns out that nobody loves science for its own sake. Humph.


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