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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Canadian writer gets positive review of Edge of Evolution published in Philadelphia Inquirer.

Cameron Wybrow wrote me a while back wanting to know why most legacy Canadian mainstream media will not publish anything about the intelligent design controversy beyond the often incompetent or politically motivated stuff that the New York Times would put out.

I said it was my guess that the legacy media would go under before they would update their thinking and ask obvious questions like, "Could it be that there IS something wrong with Darwinism, and that that is why Darwinists must attempt to ruin the careers of anyone who questions it?"

Well, I underestimated Cameron. He now writes to say,
After many failed tries, I hit upon a newspaper to publish a positive review of Behe, and a major newspaper, too -- The Philadelphia Inquirer. It runs about 700,000 copies for its Sunday edition! My review is going to be in tomorrow, Sunday August 19th.

He will send me the text of the review after it appears in the Inquirer, or else I will link to it. He adds,
The editor, who is not hostile to ID but is more of a fan of Francis Collins, was going to try to get Collins to write a "con" review to match my "pro" review. I don't know if he succeeded. If so, the result would be a unique pair of duelling reviews -- good publicity for Dr. Behe, I think. But if not, at least my review will be the first positive review of Behe published in a major print medium (outside of Christian magazines, that is). I hope it balances things a little.

Yes,and I hope it helps a few intelligent people face up to the significance of Behe's Edge of Evolution challenge to Darwinism.

Update: You can read the article for free here, but you must sign up.

Further Update: Here it is, with no registration required.

One thing Wybrow does is go after the reviewers who have attempted to hide Behe's findings in damning reviews:
A large part of each [hostile] review is ad hominem, concerned with Behe's alleged religious agenda, his minority status among biologists, and other irrelevant matters. In Dawkins' review, the science is barely touched, and it's not clear from Ruse's review that he has even opened the cover of the book. Behe deserves better. Edge of Evolution makes a serious, quantitative argument about the limits of Darwinian evolution. Evolutionary biology cannot honestly ignore it.

No. Not honestly. Not any more.

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