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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Audiobooks: The intelligent design controversy comes to life!

Audiophiles, go here for Jason Rennie’s excellent Darwin or Design audiobook, which you can listen to on line or buy. Rennie, of Australia’s ScPhiShow has done a marvellous job of assembling a cast of dozens of key contributors to the intelligent design controversy.

He offers such point men as P.Z. Myers, Sean Carroll, and Nick Matzke in one corner and Mike Behe, Guillermo Gonzalez, and Mike Gene in the other - and tons of your other faves - including top Canadian science fiction author Rob Sawyer.

Sal Cordova explains what ID is here. I talk about the media and ID here, predicting the past and postdicting the future with glee. (Postdicting the future is actually quite easy - it is predicting the past that causes so many problems ... if only people would realize that.)

Get the rest of the show notes here. This series is just the ticket for people who want to get up to speed on the controversy but don’t have time to read. You can listen while stapling documents or folding laundry.

Whoops! Update: John Davison asks me to point out that his new hypothesis for organic change is Chapter 22. This is a rare opportunity to hear him talk about his dissent from Darwinism.

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