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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Me?: Something against Francis Collins? No!

Someone suggested recently that I have something against Language of God author Francis Collins. Not at all. I have written three reviews of Collins’ book, The Language of God. Two were “kind” reviews, intended for the Christmas market.

Basically, if you have some mouthy teen shouting that he won’t go to church any more because he has discovered polynomials (and thinks you don’t know any algebra at all) - and because there is no God, science rules, and therefore he is going to go out and get his thingummy pierced - Collins is a good choice.

On the other hand, I admit to deep disappointment in the intellectual substance of Collins’ arguments, which I unpack in the multipart review at Access Research Network.

Note to all, especially Collins fans: C. S. Lewis is not a security blanket, and the debate over the origin of free will, morality, altruism, and consciousness has moved on from his day. Today's atheist is not usually a genial, classical God-denier; he is a radical materialist who honestly believes that we are all just robots replicating our selfish genes. And he cannot wait to get his gospel onto the curriculum of publicly funded schools, as "evolutionary psychology," forcing everyone's nose into his nonsense.

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