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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Intelligent design and popular culture: Michael Behe writes Time 100 entry for Richard Dawkins

Recently, Time Magazine asked ID biochemist Michael Behe to write write a short squib on arch-Darwinist Richard Dawkins as one of the Time 100, the people who allegedly shape our world. However, they edited it to make it sound as though he was way more worried about Dawkins than he actually is, apparently. What Behe had actually written is posted here., so you can see what "bite" the Time editors took out. (For example, they saddled Behe with the phrase that Dawkins is "deeply unsettling" to people like Behe, which - as every media professional knows - is simply a way of putting Behe down.)

In the big picture, of course, what’s really significant is that they asked Mike Behe to write the thing at all. See, if the punditocracy had been right in, say, 2000, in their predictions for the future of the intelligent design community Behe would not be a well-known enough figure to be a good pick. That such a sturdy organ of materialism as Time would subtly misrepresent him is perhaps not nearly as significant. Behe, of course, has a new book coming out, addressing the failure of Darwinian materialism to falsify irreducible complexity.
If you want to understand why the intelligent design controversy cannot go away, read By Design or by Chance?.

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