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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New book!: Mike Behe's Edge of Evolution argues design even more prevalent than he earlier thought

I mentioned a while back that Behe had a new book out from Free Press in 2007, and now he writes to say,
The first review of my new book, The Edge of Evolution, is out from Publisher's Weekly (see below). Next week PW is supposed to run a feature article on me 'n' the book. The book itself will be out in early June. The gist is that data available in just the past decade from studies of microbes which occur in nature in truly astronomical numbers, such as the malarial parasite and HIV, demonstrate random mutation to be incoherent, and Darwinian processes capable of only trivial changes to pre-existing systems. (Now, who on this list is surprised at that?) Extrapolating from such data allows relatively precise, firm limits to be placed on what is reasonable to expect of unintelligent processes to have done during the course of life on earth. The bottom line is that design extends very deeply into life, well past such Cadillacs of complexity as the flagellum, far deeper than I myself would have guessed ten years ago.

Edge of Evolution promises to be fascinating, because the Publisher's Weekly review is profoundly negative, and the book has not even been released (but it was 22, 500th when I just checked this evening) - a limp recitation of all the reasons why Behe MUST be wrong.

Hey, I'd hate to be a materialist right now too, but there is a cure for it. (Note: You have to scroll down or search on "Behe".)
If you want to understand why the intelligent design controversy cannot go away, read By Design or by Chance?.

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