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Tuesday, April 03, 2007 Attacking skeptics of all kinds

Oh, you wonderful!! I have been getting a number of site visits via, a largely anonymous outfit that views me as some sort of a threat (?) - along with the ID guys and other independent thinkers in various categories.

But, you know, it is a genuine moral struggle. I feel the same way about the denialism.coms as I do about Brian Alters , who wants to screw money out of the Canadian government to fight intelligent design in Canada. The social science research council doesn't want to give it to him, and he has been twisting the ropes around them pretty hard.

I so much want to cheer Alters on because I need a glitzy laptop and, hopefully, a Miata. And the best way for me to get lots of cool stuff is for some anti-ID group to run around portraying ID as a Big Threat to Canadian Education. Then I can get a huge advance for the next edition of By Design or by Chance?, my book on the controversy. Ethics schmethics.

But darn, you know, it doesn't sound so good in the confessional. What does it profit a woman to gain a little yellow Miata and lose her soul?

So, welcome to the denialism.comers - you are free to use the site and the archives like everyone else. But if you came looking for the devil, ... keep looking.

And I think that the Soc Sci Research Council should persist in telling Alters to get money from his Darwinist supporters to front his cause. Even though I'll get only a modest advance from my publisher. Sniffle. Sniffle.

It would have had white kid leather seats, too, you know ...

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