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Friday, March 30, 2007

Muslim ID advocate: It's the materialism, not the Yankee accent, that many Muslims hate about America

Here's a most interesting interview with Mustafa Akyol, a Muslim ID advocate, on the real disaffection between middle eastern Muslims and Westerners:
Today, the West is repugnant to many traditional Muslims because it looks like a civilization that has abandoned God and is trying to seduce the Muslims to do the same thing. I also noted in the article that Muslims who are exposed to the religiosity of the West, like that found in America, like and even admire it. For example, when "The Little House on the Prairie" was aired in Turkey in the early 80's, all conservative Muslim families that I know were its greatest fans. Nowadays similar families are worried that their children will be corrupted by America's pop culture.

Justifiably worried, I may say. I'm sure glad my daughters grew to happy, successful adulthood with no exposure to the current "pop tart" culture, and I think every responsible parent who wants a daughter to have a college degree, not a baby on welfare and a drug habit, should help to ensure that these ugly materialist fads evaporate. Die, monster, die!.

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