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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Links finally restored: And ... notes from nearby blogs!

Readers will note that the links that I lost when I suddenly decided to change the template a few days ago have now been restored, thanks to Old Cola who had actually saved my links. Do visit his interesting blog and refresh your high school French. Je t'aime, Old Cola!

Suddenly deciding to change the template is like suddenly deciding to renovate the kitchen or move the concert piano into the upstairs sitting room .... it can be more trouble than one had at first realized. But I still think the new template looks nicer.

Here are some items from a couple of nearby blogs to just quickly share:

- Paul Nelson at ID the Future says that a friend who works at a national biomed institute told him recently that he now finds it impossible to keep up with all the scientific literature challenging neo-Darwinism.

I know what Nelson's friend means. I am about 150 blog posts behind, keeping up with the current events. I dream of catching up and wake to find fifteen more... I am beginning to wish I had kept the hideous old template and just posted more often but .... I still think the new template looks nicer.

- Lawrence Gage at Real Physics reports some really interesting stuff from the Maritain Conference, for example, the talk by fossil specialist Rick Sternberg, recently targeted by Darwinist yay-hoos: "Hence, evolutionary theory is currently in a phase of "Damage Control", as Dr. Sternberg labelled the era since 1976 to the present, in which neo-Darwinists like Richard Dawkins scramble to claim the order bursting from scientific research as feathers in their own cap." Quite a few of the Maritain folk are not ID types (and don't always get along with them), so this is another (mainly Catholic) front opening up against Darwinism.

I still think the new template looks nicer.

Are you looking for one of the following stories?

My U of Toronto talk on why there is an intelligent design controversy.

A summary of tech guru George Gilder's arguments for ID and against Darwinism

A critical look at why March of the Penguins was thought to be an ID film.

A summary of recent opinion columns on the ID controversy

A summary of recent polls of US public opinion on the ID controversy

A summary of the Catholic Church's entry into the controversy, essentially on the side of ID.

O'Leary's intro to non-Darwinian agnostic philosopher David Stove’s critique of Darwinism.

An ID Timeline: The ID folk seem always to win when they lose.

O’Leary’s comments on Francis Beckwith, a Dembski associate, being granted tenure at Baylor after a long struggle - even after helping in a small way to destroy the Baylor Bears' ancient glory - in the opinion of a hyper sportswriter.

Why origin of life is such a difficult problem.
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