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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Intelligent design, Darwinism, and creationism in Canada: Online course riles BC teachers' federation

Here's one from back in early September, but it reveals something interesting. According to CKNW news, in the Canadian province of British Columbia (BC)
Heritage Christian Online School has to 800 public and independent schools around BC promoting their website at

and their biology course discusses beliefs other than Darwinism. (A recnet regulation change permitted online schools in the province. The Federation wants the government to stop them:
"They're being offered courses that are religious in nature, that simply shouldn't happen, it isn't consistent with the purpose of public schools."
and of course they want the government to step in.

The course description for Biology 11 a la Christianese is

Biology 11 will inspire students in the complexities and beauties of God\'s creation.
The aim of the government learning outcomes is to teach evolution starting with an abiotic soup and continuing through to the emergence of man. This course is designed not only for the student to become fully aware of what evolutionist thinking entails but to systematically address each argument by pointing out its weaknesses as it is presented. By contrasting Creationism and Evolution, students will develop a scientifically sound way of looking at our world, that is based Biblical truth.

I'd be concerned too, because I think this is a sell job for creationism, rather than an invitation to students to think critically. But I wonder whether the same teachers' federation would show as much concern for blatant promotions of materialism in a biology text? See the thinkquote below.

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