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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Free media resources: Royal Society's archives

Apparently, the Royal Society is making resources that go back to 1665 available free, but only until December. So if you are finances challenged, be sure to act now.

Robert Colvile of the Telegraph notes
Readers will be able to browse through countless papers of incalculable historical importance, including Halley's description of his comet, Watson and Crick's unravelling of the double helix structure of DNA and the first paper published by Stephen Hawking.
Prof Martin Taylor, the Royal Society's vice-president, said the archive documents "the foundation of the modern scientific method". He added: "It puts you in touch with the great scientific masters in a really direct way."

I bet. Go for it. Later it could cost you the way it would cost you at Nature - US$30 to view some boffin's letter, grousing about intelligent design. You could make up three of them yourself in half an hour for free.

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