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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Flunk all students sympathetic to intelligent design?

Recently, at the Post-Darwinist, I commented on the effort by UCal San Diego to warn frosh against ID via a compulsory lecture the way they used to warn against sex, drugs, and rock n' roll in my day. I remarked:
I have repeatedly asked the Discovery Institute (ID central) how much they are paying these people to promote ID by launching publicly funded campaigns against it. But the are slippery folk and I don't expect an answer any time soon. When I get the scoop, I will post it, in case an enterprising Darwinist would like to undercut the going price (it's a jungle out there, ya know ...) by offering an even more bone-headed approach.

Well! University of Toronto-based evolutionary biologist Larry Moran, of textbook fame - whose eagerness to please is legendary and was much remarked at the Toronto ID conference has graciously upped the ante. He has advised the Post-Darwinist's comments box that the solution is "flunk the IDiots." He follows up at his own blog:
I agree with the Dembski sycophants that UCSD should not have required their uneducated students to attend remedial classes. Instead, they should never have admitted them in the first place. Having made that mistake, it's hopeless to expect that a single lecture—even one by a distinguished scholar like Robert Pennock—will have any effect. The University should just flunk the lot of them and make room for smart students who have a chance of benefiting from a high quality education.

Now, that is a pre-emptive bid, and I suppose he will want to discuss, um, money with the Discos, who - I assume - are watching the Post-Darwinist for possible offers from other parties as well.

Persons wishing to help destroy Darwinism by unleashing illegal persecutions on doubters are entitled to outbid Moran. A word of advice: Be imaginative but economical. The word on the street is that the Discos are a stingy lot because they are used to getting a big bang for their buck, promoting intelligent design worldwide on a shoestring.
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