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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

ID guys make direct appeal to youth

In a long-awaited move, the intelligent design guys are attempting an end run around the interminable school board controversies by appealing directly to young people.

Can ID can compete with X-boxes and text messages about edgy TV?

Maybe. Young people love excitement. As long as YOU are not the person who is about to lose your tenure, job, teaching position, or access to lab facilities and specimens - the ID controversy is fun and exciting. Even if you are, it is still esciting ...

"Give us your young people . . ., " ID math maven Bill Dembski intones, ironically.

"Progressive" parents, be warned. Censor your children's Internet access meticulously. Just as the struggling atheist sees Bibles open everywhere, your children may see design in nature everywhere, even though you know it is all just an illusion.

The Darwinists have had your young people long enough to shape, subvert, and corrupt. Send them to and mobilize this sleeping giant! The old guard is not going to change. The hope of the future lies with our youth. The new site is modeled on Xanga and Myspace and aimed at concentrating the power of youth to throw off the indoctrination that is being shoved down their throats by groups like the NCSE and enforced by inept judicial rulings like those of Judge Jones (note the image of Jones on the splash page). The NCSE, the ACLU, Jones, etc. have effectively disenfranchised our young people when it comes to the teaching of biological origins. Today’s high school and college students are going to need to reclaim their own freedom.

Truth in advertising: I posted a couple of items at Overwhelming Evidence myself. If I contribute regularly, I will hereafter try to make my posts high school-age oriented. Having been an editor on some of the most interesting textbook projects ever published in Canada, I can safely promise they won't be dull sludge.

Now, I wonder if high schools will be court-ordered to block access to the site? Will the American taxpayer be asked to pay to develop special software forthe purpose? See what I mean? Whatever else it is, the ID controversy is not dull.

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