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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Intelligent design and popular culture: hilarious passages from ID guy Paul Nelson in Oslo

Nelson received hundreds of comments from Norwegians and others, to which he
responded until he ran out of time. The issues raised are mostly the same as in North America. One sees some of the same blustering, self-assured Darwinists, absolutely convinced that mind, intelligence, and information are not needed in order to explain the origin of our universe or of life. And many thoughtful people as well, wondering what it all means or posing thoughtful objections.

But the Darwinists are the fun part, for example:

[Question:] In what ways are your theories more probable than the theories of the pastafarians ? You know, the people that believe that the flying spaghetti monster created the earth and made it look older than it really is?

[Response:] I have a slide in one of my lectures showing the Flying Spaghetti Monster (blessed be He) reaching out to touch the finger of Adam. I like the guy, the FSM, although I can't say I am one of his true worshippers.

Problem is, the plates of spaghetti that I've known and enjoyed (with garlic bread and Chianti, thank you) have never done anything except sit there on the linen table cloth and give off delicious aromas.

Intelligent agents, however, do things. Like you: they write emails to newspapers.

So the FSM isn't really much of a designer, is He? No disrespect intended, of course.

Pass the parmesan cheese, please. I'm about to have a religious experience...


P.S. May the Pasta Be With You.

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