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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Book review: Andrew Brown on Dawkins' The God Delusion

No friend to religion, Andrew Brown nonetheless says that Richard Dawkins's "incurious and rambling" diatribe against religion "doesn't come close to explaining how faith has survived the assault of Darwinism," opening with
It has been obvious for years that Richard Dawkins had a fat book on religion in him, but who would have thought him capable of writing one this bad? Incurious, dogmatic, rambling and self-contradictory, it has none of the style or verve of his earlier works.

It gets better from there - or worse, I guess, if you bought The God Delusion. Which reminds me to come to the point of this blog: When was the last time Dawkins had an original idea in biology? I don't mean an idea that works. Hey, I'm not that fussy. I just mean an original idea. Why is he always writing trash about religion now?

Oh, and here is Dawkins' own comment on his book.

Plus (!) here is further comment from Andrew Brown:
I have just finished reviewing Richard Dawkins' new book on God for someone else and spent a sleepless night wondering if I should really have been so cruel about it. It's rubbish, of course; but why say so? What is it about the jeering, smug atheism so well represented on the internet, as well as in Dawkins' books, that makes me so very angry? Perhaps this is a rage at heresy, since in lots of ways I think he's right, and our disagreements ought to be quite trivial. But the more I think of them, the more serious they become.

Brown - to his credit - realizes that a book is a bomb if he feels forced to say nice things about it.
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