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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Now over six hundred scientists worldwide admit doubting Darwinism

According to a recent post from Discovery Institute, the tiny American outfit that has put intelligent design theory ( = the universe and life forms show detectible evidence of intelligent design ) on the world map - with no asset other than the insatiable and contumacious hatred of Darwinists* - about six hundred scientists worldwide have now gone on record as saying that they think Darwinism has problems.

Well, yes, it, um, has massive problems. US federal judges cannot remedy the problems by outlawing discussion of the problems. What a laugh.

Given the current environment, I hope the 600 plus scientists who have complained about the problems can keep the lights on in their labs. But I bet a lot of them are retired now. It is common for scientists to denounce Darwinism AFTER they have retired ...

You know, if there WERE a way to harness the denunciations of Darwinists as a viable form of energy, I could heat my Toronto house all winter long without getting more than a "minimum "keep your file on our system" bill from Toronto Hydro. The trouble is, the Darwinists are always denouncing different scientists, depending on which ones have stuck their heads up to identify problems with Darwinism. So I cannot market their rage as a stable, unilocal system.

Maybe, as the rage grows, I can offer energy from, like, enormous clusters of Darwinists denouncing specific scientists, in which case I can sign on to an alternative energy provider in Canada, offering "pro-Darwin noise" as an energy source. Goodness knows, given recent American Episcopal Church pronouncements, there is enough of that to turn my modest home - and homes for a six-block radius - into a northern Banana Republic. Hey, if all my neighbours agree to sign up with me for a few evening classes in tropical horticulture (instead of the temperate/near north horticulture we know and love), we could put all our extra bananas and pineapples into the local Food Bank. Cheap at the price, and good citizenship! And at least some use for the Darwinists' rage, too.
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