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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Intelligent design in the Muslim world: A thoughtful Muslim speaks out

That young fellow I told you about earlier, Mustafa Akyol, continues to publish interesting essays on the relationship between intelligent design and science education:

In a furious New Republic cover story, "The Case Against Intelligent Design," Jerry Coyne joined in this hype and implied that all non-Christians, including Muslims, should be alarmed by this supposedly Christian theory of beginnings that "might offend those of other faiths." Little does he realize that if there is any view on the origin of life that might seriously offend other faiths — including mine, Islam — it is the materialist dogma: the assumptions that God, by definition, is a superstition, and that rationality is inherently atheistic.

That offense is no minor issue. In fact, in the last two centuries, it has been the major source of the Muslim contempt for the West. And it deserves careful consideration.

Yes indeed. I think the Darwinists may have bitten off more than they can chew in trying to take on all the peoples of the world and convert them to atheistic materialism, according to which all humans are merely mindless robot vehicles (Dawkins, Dennett) for genes, memes, or whatever.

They know they are not.
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