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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Comments from Toronto-based journalist David Warren: Intelligent design gets science out of the face of religion

Warren e-mailed his hack friends and other friends recently to say:
What impresses me about the American people, is that even though they do not have the intellectual means to confute the Darwinian priesthood in the academy, they smell a rat in Darwinism, & will not be intimidated into accepting its presumptions. They just know that Darwinism is a rival religious faith, & they will even embrace Creationism to resist it.

The growing popularity of "Intelligent Design" is because it offers a way for science to get out of the face of religion. This is why the Darwinoids hate it so passionately: because the whole point of their Darwinism is to be in the face of religion. "ID" uses exactly the same fact-sets as all the biological disciplines; it merely leaves God to open minds, rather than insisting upon a causative sequence designed expressly to exclude a Creator.
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