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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Scrappleface: Kansas loses jobs over evolution ruling

Scrappleface bemoans loss of jobs in Kansas, due to recent decision to teach weaknesses as well as strengths of Darwin’s theory:
(2005-11-09) - A coalition of major corporations based in Kansas today announced they would close their operations in the state and move to places where high schools can still teach "that old time evolution" without challenge from alternative theories like intelligent design.

[ ... ]

According to an unnamed spokesman for the corporate coalition, the businesses plan to relocate to communities in states "where faith in evolution helps to build strong families and produces workers who know the value of slow, undirected change over vast spans of time."

Slow, undirected change over vast spans of time? Dead ringer for some local government employees who shall otherwise remain nameless. The good news is, such people would rarely do much harm unless they work for 9-11.
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