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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Free speech advocates reverse position where intelligent design is concerned

Here's an interesting piece from Knight-Ridder that honestly tries to unpack the controversy over the right to discuss evidence for intelligent design of the universe or life forms in science classes. Paul Nussbaum points out that traditional free speech advocates now oppose free speech. That makes sense is you assume that, all along, the free speech advocates supported free speech in order to advance materialism, but have no real interest in the defense of human dignity or intellectual freedom. The contortions they undergo in order to deny intellectual freedom are painful to read about.

Where reporter Nussbaum gets confused is when he assumes that the issue is about religion, in a traditional sense. Not really, Paul. It's about the right to be in possession of - or make others aware of - information that discredits materialism, the alleged (but not the actual) foundation of science.
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Are you looking for one of the following stories?

"Academic Freedom Watch : Here's the real, ugly story behind the claim that 'intelligent design isn't science'?".

Roseville, California, lawyer Larry Caldwell is suing over the use of tax money by Darwin lobby groups to promote religious views that accept Darwinian evolution (as opposed to ones that don’t). I’m pegging this one as the next big story. See also the ruling on tax funds. Note the line that the “free speech” people take.
How to freak out your bio prof? What happened when a student bypassed the usual route of getting frogs drunk and dropping them down the chancellor’s robes, and tried questioning Darwinism instead.

Christoph, Cardinal Schonbon is not backing down from his contention that Darwinism is incompatible with Catholic faith, and Pope Benedict XVI probably thinks that’s just fine. Major US media have been trying to reach rewrite for months, with no success.

Museum tour guides to be trained to "respond" to those who question Darwinism. Read this item for an example of what at least one museum hopes to have them say.

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