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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

UPDATED! Cambrian explosion:No wonder they're making a movie ...

University of California at Santa Barbara's Art Battson has come forward to say that he is the person behind the Cambrian explosion page linked below, that was taken off the UCSB site by a neo-Darwinist profbot (it still works at the link I gave you). He has asked me not to mention anyone else by name. I won't.

Here is his story:

My new boss (PhD in anthopology with undergrad work in sociology who still takes neo-darwinism seriously) shut down my ORIGINS QUOTES AND COMMENTS website unannounced earlier this week. He told me he had received a complaint from somebody in a university in Illinois and that the material was not related to ID (Instructional Development). I told him it was indeed related to ID but he didn't laugh as much as I would have liked. The bottom line is that he removed the faculty/Staff Christian Forum website along with the Veritas Forum website while leaving other websites that are also unrelated to Instructional Development. (We all have rented space on the ID server for years.)

Battson plans to file a complaint about viewpoint discrimination. Meanwhile, my advice to anyone who has a special interest in the Cambrian explosion or other probably non-Darwinian events in the history of life, download or print out the page linked below. Based on the Sternberg case that drew in the US federal government and the Gonzalez case, which I plan to blog soon, this is stuff that traditional materialists/naturalists/Darwinists do not want you to know, and - to the extent that they have power at universities and science institutions - they may have means of preventing you, if not now, then later.

Let's be grateful that none of this involves a loved one's health or something like that. If the Darwinists must go down fighting, let's just make sure they do not take anyone with them.

Now here's the original story with key link:
Yesterday, I noted that the controversial Privileged Planet filmmaker, Illustra Media, is making a film about the Cambrian explosion of life forms about 525 million years ago, which ID advocates think will help sink the ship of Darwinism.

Here's a site at the University of California at Santa Barbara that provides revealing statements about the Cambrian explosion from well-known paleontologists. A sample comment:

The record jumps, and all the evidence shows that the record is real: the gaps we see reflect real events in life's history -- not the artifact of a poor fossil record.

Eldredge, N. and Tattersall, I. (1982)
The Myths of Human Evolution
Columbia University Press, p. 59

Other hot topics in evolution are addressed here too.

(Note: The site is unpopular with some Darwinist profbots and had to be moved recently, so be sure to see it while you still can.)
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