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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Historian of science challenges treatment of astronomer Gonzalez: Message to Darwinist list

Ted Davis, a historian of science at Messiah College in Pennsylvania, who is not an ID advocate and has a background in astronomy, writes to the Darwinists at the Panda’s Thumb,

There do appear to be some cases in which ID advocates who otherwise would be accepted as good scientists, have been singled out by their institutions for their views on this issue. Guillermo Gonzalez at Iowa State is a clear example; the petition against him was organized (was it not?) by a faculty member who serves as faculty advisor to the campus atheist organization—an affiliation he has every right to have, but which also speaks loudly in my view of his attempt to discredit Dr Gonzalez. Just in the past few days, a biologist at the Univ of Idaho had his academic freedom denied by the president, who forbids his *science* faculty from discussing ID in classes, although faculty in other depts may do so if they wish. I regard that as a clear infringement of this scientist's academic freedom.

I am no advocate of ID, as anyone can easily determine. I am however an advocate of academic freedom. If I were given a similar directive, I’d sue the university—and it would be interesting to see whether the ACLU would then do the right thing and take the case.

Hmmm, well, the Thumbsmen's response will be interesting.

(Note: I added the links to the graff quoted above myself, if you are not sure what news stories Davis refers to. The U of Idaho scientist is Scott Minnich.

Incidentally, Minnich flew past my radar recently because he provided help to Nate Wilson, who is trying to discredit the Shroud of Turin . So obviously, everyone who thinks that Darwinism is a crock does not think alike on religious issues.)

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