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Friday, October 07, 2005

George Mason University: Forbids lecturer to teach evolution, after mentioning intelligent design

George Mason University Carolyn Crocker of George Mason University was barred from teaching both Darwinian evolution and intelligent design.
From Nature:

Caroline Crocker says that she hadn't meant to start a controversy when she mentioned intelligent design while teaching her second-year cell-biology course at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, last semester. But many of her colleagues say that the soft-spoken molecular biologist, who received a PhD in immunopharmacology from the University of Southampton, UK, has gone too far. Sitting in an empty teaching lab, Crocker tells how she has been barred by her department from teaching both evolution and intelligent design. "It's an infringement of academic freedom," she says. She is appealing the case to a grievance committee.
What blows me away is the belief that students will not soon realize that this is all happening because the Darwinists have not made a good case, and are therefore enforcing their philosophy of origins by authority alone.

I have added this story to my running list of stories in which a person who is found to be in possession of possible evidence against materialism/naturalism/Darwinism is subject to harassment and persecution. I will also provide a blog service note link to the running list, for reference.
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