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Friday, October 21, 2005

Caldwell suit re tax money to promote religious views of evolution :Growing debate at UCal Berkeley’s site

The discussion around the Caldwell suit against UCal Berkeley regarding the promotion of liberal religious views on evolution (but not conservative ones) on the UCal evo Web site is fascinating, precisely because so many academics and professionals appear to have missed the point! The point is that taxpayers’ money has been used to promote only liberal religious views.

Now, if the United States wants to enact a constitutional amendment to say that Darwinism is the state religion, and that therefore non-believers’ tax money should be used to support it, fine. I don’t find that to be a recipe for social peace, but then I am not an American. My advice to UCal Berkeley would be to get all that stuff off their Web site pronto. If they want to promote Darwinism, they should promote it as science, and not try to show how it abets some version of religion. But then, maybe it can't stand on its own as science. maybe it needs the support of religion. In which case ...
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