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Monday, September 26, 2005

Blog service announcement: Shazzam!! Slam!! Spam!! Begone!!

A kind Commenter has informed me that switching a setting will get rid of the spammers who pretend to just love this blog, and proceed to flog mortgages, tennis shoes, hot dates, or whatever. Thanks much, and we’ll see if the new setting does the trick. When I catch ‘em, I borf ‘em! ... but the manual method is time-consuming, and I can’t always do it right away.
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Blog policy note: This blog does not intentionally accept fully anonymous Comments, Comments with language unsuited to an intellectual discussion, URLs posted without comment, or defamatory statements. Defamatory statement: A statement that would be actionable if anyone took the author seriously. For example, someone may say "O’Leary is a crummy journalist"; that’s a matter of opinion and I don’t know who would care. But if they say, "O’Leary was convicted of grand theft auto in 1983," well that’s just plain false, and probably actionable, if the author were taken seriously. Also, due to time constraints, the moderator rarely responds to comments, and usually only about blog service issues.

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