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Friday, August 05, 2005

Limbaugh on Darwinists: “Playing fast and loose with the facts”

Catch David Limbaugh’s defense of the ID theorists, in the wake of Bush's announcement that he thinks that students should learn both sides. Limbaugh notes,

Many of ID's cynical detractors patronizingly frame this entire debate in terms of a struggle between faith and science. Intelligent Design, they say, is but a thinly disguised argument for Biblical creationism and its proponents threaten to obliterate the "wall of separation" between church and state by cleverly sneaking creationism back into the schools inside the Trojan horse of ID.

But that is simply false. ID is fundamentally science-based. The fact that scientific inquiry leads certain scientists toward a conclusion compatible with the Judeo-Christian worldview -- that intelligent causes were behind the creation of the universe and life -- does not disqualify them as scientists any more than the militant secularism of many Darwinists disqualifies them.

What I think Limbaugh may be slow to see is that, for Darwinists, Darwinism is the creation story of the life sciences. ID theorists are attacking the Darwinists’ publicly funded religion, "by law established", as they say about the Anglican Church in Britain. It’s no wonder that, as Limbaugh notes, the ID theorists are persecuted.

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