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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Blog on hold till after Labour Day

I have to co-write a book on the neurological findings that support the spiritual nature of human beings. I do not find neuroscience easy, and must now head into the first chapter (which is always the most difficult anyway). So I will not blog until after the Labour Day weekend.

To follow current stories, go to the blogs on the side panel. For the - by now fairly extensive - Post-Darwinist archives, see the Blog service note below or the files down the side.

By the way, John Davison, who posts Comments here frequently, has an interesting story to tell about persecution by Darwinists - all the more significant because he is not an ID supporter, just someone who was foolish enough to question the Darwinists’ religion in their own publicly-funded chapel - his campus biology department.

Both his story and cell biologist Lynn Margulis’s charge against neo-Darwinist "bullies" substantiate the ID guys’ accusation: The reason there is supposedly "no evidence" against Darwinism is the same reason that there was never any evidence against communism in a communist country - before it all collapsed, that is. Now that communism is gone, we are awash in evidence.

Read Davison’s or Sternberg’s account of what happens to dissenters from Darwinism (not necessarily ID folk or creationists), and then turn to a newspaper columnist who confidently asserts that Darwin’s theory enjoys "overwhelming acceptance."

As far as I can see, it's not the ID folks or assorted other critics who are discrediting Darwinism. Darwinism is discrediting itself. No credible point of view is upheld by the methods used to support Darwinism. As the volume of noise grows, both the Catholic Church and the President of the United States have been drawn into the fray, and neither is defending Darwinism. Keep reading the blogs on the side panel.

Back soon,

Cheers, Denyse
P.S.: Because I will be away from the blog, I have disabled posting on recent stories.

If you like this blog, check out my book on the intelligent design controversy, By Design or by Chance?. You can read excerpts as well.
Blog service note: Did you come here looking for any of the following stories?

- the California Academy of Sciences agreeing to correct potentially libellous statements about attorney Larry Caldwell, who thinks that students should know about weaknesses as well as strengths of Darwinian evolution theory, click on the posted link and check the current daily post for any updates. UPDATED!: The retraction and Caldwell’s response have now been published in California Wild.

- The op-ed by Catholic Cardinal Schonborn in the New York Times? Note also the Times's story on the subject, some interesting quotes from major Darwinists to compare with the Catholic Church's view, as expressed by the Cardinal, and an example of the kind of problem with Darwinian philosophy that the Cardinal is talking about.

- the Privileged Planet film shown at the Smithsonian, go here for an extended review. Please do not raise cain about an "anti-evolution" film without seeing it. If your doctor forbids you to see the film, in case you get too excited, at least read my detailed log of the actual subjects of the film. If you were one of the people who raised cain, ask yourself why you should continue to believe the people who so misled you about the film's actual content ...

- the showing of Privileged Planet at the Smithsonian, go here and here to start, and then this one and this one will bring you up to date.
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