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Friday, July 08, 2005

Why I won't be an internal critic of intelligent design theory at this point

In response to a demand from a Thumbsman on my Design or Chance? Yahoo discussion group that I become an internal critic of ID, I replied:

When the ID people cease to be harassed by academic fascists, internal criticism - of which I happen to know there is a lot - will become public.

However, so long as, every time an ID-friendly paper is published, essentially fascist groups like NCSE target the author or even the editor for career destruction, you can forget about hearing internal criticism.

First, the ID people must win the battle for intellectual freedom decisively, and discredit all the anti-freedom groups out there.

The fact that these groups act allegedly in the name of secularism changes nothing. Their character is anti-freedom.

Once they are off the landscape, one can talk about things that might really be wrong with ID.

cheers, Denyse
P.S.: As a journalist, I am in no position to evaluate the science claims of ID. I have said that repeatedly. But I know incipient fascism when I see it. My patronage of the ID guys arises in large part from my loathing of fascist conclaves. As a journalist, I come by that honestly. I won't soon forget Eugenie Scott saying of Steve Meyer's paper, that it was too bad Proceedings published it. As if a generalist Darwin flak like her should have anything to say about an academic paper in a specialist journal getting published! It is an intellectual disgrace, slowly being remedied, that people like that have become powers in the system - it also shows clearly that the Darwinist paradigm is dying. I realized that years ago, and my news judgement is pretty good. - d.

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