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Friday, July 08, 2005

School board addresses intelligent design issue for years without controversy

A school board in Bluffton, Indiana, seems to me a model of good sense, compared to some, in how it approaches the intelligent design controversy.
β€œThe intent of this board directive is not to replace the teaching of the theory of evolution with the theory of intelligent design or any other theory. On the contrary, the intent is to discuss the scientific evidence β€” not religious evidence β€” for and against appropriate theories at all grade levels where this topic is discussed,” Gerber read from his one-page statement.
Half of me feels bad about even mentioning Bluffton, for fear the Blufftonites will become the target of anti-freedom groups (see the post below) that will attempt to tie them up in costly litigation, even though there has been little or no local controversy.
High school principal Steve Baker told the board that for the last six years he had never received a phone call from a parent who thought too much or too little evolution or intelligent design was being taught at the high school.
Perhaps the local public is tired of bullying by the Darwin lobby, and just wants curriculum to reflect the range of science-based views on origins?

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