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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Problems of Darwinism? How about the way Lucy walks

Some readers have asked me to highlight problems of Darwinism.

Steve Jones, over at the CreationEvolutionDesign blog, has offered the problem created by the way Lucy (the famous hominoid fossil) and her even older kin apparently walked.

Just-released findings show that Lucy's crowd apparently walked upright by about 3.5 million years ago. And they weren't supposed to be able to do that! I mustn't spoil Jones's illuminating post, linked above, which quotes all kinds of perplexity by people who used to be very certain of Lucy's essential ape-ness, so I will simply note that the blues singer was right after all: ... "my baby, she just keep on walkin' ... "

(Note to Lucy: Good for you. Always keep guys guessing. Also, let them go ape, if they must, but don't join them. Just walk on, okay?)

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