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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Note from Denyse re “Darwinbots”

Some persons have said that it is unkind of me to refer to those who assailed the Smithsonian about the showing of Privileged Planet there — without ever having seen it or intending to see it themselves— as “Darwinbots.”

On the contrary, I am making the kindest assumption I can, namely that they cannot help their behaviour. I have certainly heard ruder names applied to that sort of behaviour ...

The part that seems odd to me, as a person who sometimes appears on a TV program whose producer recently called me a “centrist,” is that some of these people may think that they are, in some way, defending liberal values.

They are profoundly self-deceived. It is difficult to be further from classical liberalism than they are. Yesterday, I was glad that T.H. Huxley had not lived to see what has become of Darwinism. Today, I can be glad that John Stuart Mill did not live to see what has become of liberalism.

(Note: IF you came here looking for information on the uproar over the Smithsonian screening of an ID-friendly film, The Privileged Planet, go here and here to start. Then, for best service, go here. I do continue to update the story as I hear new items of interest.)

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