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Monday, May 02, 2005

Welcome to the Post-Darwinist blog!

I am a Toronto-based freelance journalist who studied the intelligent design controversy for three years and wrote a book about it, By Design or by Chance? (Augsburg Fortress 2004)(Augsburg Fortress 2004).

My news judgement wasn’t bad because the controversy appears to be growing by leaps and bounds, from the new Pope’s installation homily through latest dire warnings provided by Brits about Midwestern America wanting to hear both sides of the story about Darwinian evolution.

I concluded that Darwinian evolution cannot, on the evidence, be the whole explanation of the history of life on Earth. Clearly, intelligent design was also involved. But because I do not subscribe to any brand of creationism, I call myself a post-Darwinist.

I hope to post links to relevant articles, interviews, sites, screeds, gossip, and whatever interests me.

Here are a few things that definitely do not interest me: threats, rants, abuse, filth, blasphemy, online philosophy treatises, and bloviating from boffins ... I will remove posts that I think your descendants would be embarrassed to read in a history book.

Having been an editor for many years, I am comfortable exercising divine powers, and rarely even notice the offender’s anger. Many blogs encourage the very trends I deplore, so there is no need to remain in my universe when so many kinder ones beckon.

Post comments by all means, but I suggest this simple self-test first:

"Has it ever occurred to me that even my nearest and dearest find me a thunderous bore?"

Answer: If that thought has never occurred to you, my precious little party sox, be cautious about posting here.

I do try to be a Christian, but my besetting sin is a tendency to just pull the chain on bores.

Perhaps unjustly. All the more reason not to presume on my limited patience.

I can always go to confession. You can’t always get my attention again.

Anyway, if you like the posts that will shortly follow, bookmark the page and we will have some fun together! - Denyse, Toronto


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