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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Take a Coffee Break Now

Herd of Kansas Darwinists Endangered, Conservationists Warn

This is the funniest — and yet the truest — account of the current Kansas school board hearings that I have seen. (Scroll down till you come to the endangered herd of Darwinists.) It perfectly matches the Darwinists’ view of themselves as an endangered species that the world has an obligation to protect. Enjoy.

Natural Selection Shrinks Herd of Kansas Darwinists

by Scott Ott

(2005-05-03) -- Elderly residents still recall stories of the dust clouds that rolled through Salina as herds of Darwinists thundered across the Kansas plains unchallenged by competition -- unquestionably dominating, and some say destroying, their environment.

But as selective pressures mounted, Darwinists forced to fend for themselves in the natural arena of logic often fell prey to scrappy skeptics who contended for equal space in the Darwinist's natural habitat.

Some celebrate the success of the skeptics as healthy for the overall environment, while concerned conservationists race against the clock to raise funds and public awareness to rescue and shelter the Darwinist.
Personally, I’m waiting until the Franklin Mint miniatures come out. Even the Darwnists can look cute inside those little glass globes that you shake, and the snow falls and it plays a tune .... maybe a tune with a name like "The Design of Life."

By the way, telling everyone how unhappy they are that some people do not accept their theory has not always helped the Darwinists. For a funny review of loose lips that sink ships, read Mark Hartwig’s "Busted!"

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