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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Is there any scientific controversy about Darwinism?

I have received a note from Steve Meyer, the author of the recent, controversial, ID-friendly paper in Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington: “CNBC will broadcast a ten minute or so debate between Kenneth Miller (of Brown U.) and me sometime Sunday between 8:00-11:00PM. The program carrying the debate is TOPIC A with Tina Brown. The debate was taped Thursday and focused on the Kansas hearings and whether or there is any scientific controversy about Darwinism.” Naturally, Meyer hopes lots of people will tune in.

I must say, I love the irony! Asking the guy whose journal paper resulted in his editor having to appeal for protection to the Office of Special Counsel of the U.S. government whether there is a scientific controversy over Darwinism ... ?

The people who claim there isn’t a controversy would probably be working for the Politburo, if it still existed ...

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